Upcoming Trainings

An introduction to implementing Restorative Justice/Peacemaking Circles for Youth “Offenders”

Tuesday, August 12th 6-9pm                                                                                                           @Memorial Tabernacle Church (5801 Racine st. Oakland 94609)

A introductory training for District 1 Problem Solving Officers, District 1 NCPC’s, and District 1 neighborhood groups on how to use Restorative Justice with North Oakland youth to make our neighborhoods safer for everyone. OPD Police Captain Anthony Toribio, Lieutenant Chris Bolton, and representatives from Council Member Kalb’s Office. Please RSVP at northoaklandrestorativejustice@gmail.com. A free meal will be provided.

Restorative Justice is a “philosophical framework and worldview, and it is also an approach to justice that emphasizes bringing together all affected by harm to address their needs and obligations and to heal the harm as much as possible.

Fact: In Alameda County recidivism rates for youth offenders is 11% when using restorative justice and 75% when using punitive practices through the correctional system

Presented by RJOY, Community Works West, North Oakland Restorative Justice Council, with support from PUEBLO


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