About the Council


The mission of the North Oakland Restorative Justice Council is to put the neighbor back into our neighborHOOD by empowering our diverse communities to create our own solutions to neighborhood problems through the use of restorative justice practices.

The Council uses a multifaceted grassroots approach which includes policy change, youth advocacy, and community action to heal and repair relationships.

We work from a model of self-determination to move past restoring the status-quo by bringing a commitment to address structural violence as well and inter-personal harm. The council has four robust areas of work including: monthly community “Peace n’ Justice” walks, Restorative Justice Block Party Project, Alternative Sentencing for Youth, and Community Healing Circles.

The work covers but is not limited to the following:

  1. Running programming that engages youth in community through member organizations

  2. Hosting restorative justice circles between neighborhood crime prevention councils/neighborhood watch groups and communities affected by displacement and racial profiling to build empathy and bridges for future partnership around violence prevention campaigns

  3. Hosting quarterly community cultural celebrations in public spaces in North Oakland that have populations vulnerable to displacement and where conflict is present using urban greening and art as tools in participatory Restorative Justice healing practices

  4. Hosting monthly community walks “Peace n’ Justice Walks”

  5. Engaging Oakland City and County officials to create viable alternatives to the current system of incarceration for our community’s youth

  6. Engaging partners in building tools and best practices for restorative justice work that does not contribute and pave the way for displacement, increased incarceration or racism.



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